What’s the deal?

We offer an international experience with audit firms in the Netherlands.

First of all we will schedule a video call to discuss your desires. In this e-meeting, together we discover what works best for you; what kind of role, what size audit firm, which location in The Netherlands etc.

Subsequently you will do a DISC personality analysis that will be used for discussion in the next conversation with us.

Following on the second e-meeting we will introduce you with your preferred audit firm with whom an interview will be planned. 

If everybody is positive we will hel you to arrange your relocation to The Netherlands.

And then, day one in your new job commences!

We visit South-Africa on a regular base and as such there's a big chance we can initially meet each other face to face as well.


What’s in it for you? 

We offer a guaranteed job in audit when coming to the Netherlands and a salary that makes you eligible to apply for a knowledge migrant visa. The majority of our assignments lasts 12-18 months.

We will support your move to the Netherlands including visa request, housing, contacts with city council, banks and the Dutch tax office. Once your are on assignment we offer you exclusive career coaching from a seasoned finance executive, a senior recruiter and a field manager.

By the end of your first assignment we will discuss future steps. That could be within audit or in a commercial finance role through our sister company Finance Appoinments.

Let's make sure you will have the time of your life in Europe! 


Interested? Please send your CV to sieto@auditappointments.nl.