Disruptive sourcing solution

Audit Appointments secures qualified employees at any desired level and at any time. You have the demand, we have the solution; with a strong network in South Africa, we are partnering with junior and medior Chartered Accountants (CA) who are keen to work in the Netherlands for a minimum period of one year.

To match the demand for qualified accountants, we have developed a disruptive solution:

Together with us, you define your demand for temporary audit support for the coming period. We approach suitable candidates from our CA network and interview and test selected candidates in face to face, on site meetings in South Africa. Subsequently you will receive a resume and test report of the candidate and decide if you foresee a successful career in your company for this candidate. We guide the candidate to the Netherlands and offer him / her assistance with practical matters such as visa request, accommodation and registration with the municipality. As the last step you will meet the candidate personally at your office and make the final decision to offer the job or not. After commencing the job our field manager takes care of development, training and all other matters. If desired we can offer our CAs a Dutch course for ‘Afrikaans’ speakers. Audit Appointments employs the candidate and covers all (financial) risks during the entire search and immigration process.

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) is part of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), a high-quality and generally accepted international standard for accountants (www.ifac.org).

Our CAs

South Africa seems far away, but it is precisely in audit that international differences can be bridged quickly. Our CAs have completed a relevant and internationally accepted education and a minimum of three years’ work experience in audit. All our CAs have the ambition to work in Europe for a few years, also to possibly apply the knowledge gained in their own country with more substantive baggage. South African CAs are known for their "work hard, play hard" attitude, their excellent communication skills and strong ambition. Moreover, they are very well educated, and they speak fluent English and Dutch relatively quickly.


The world is on the move, boundaries are blurring but at the same time these are becoming increasingly clear. There is a need in the Netherlands for highly qualified personnel. An industry that is particularly looking for that is audit. The demand from for the right people is huge, the supply is limited. At the same time, candidates are placing increasingly higher demands on their new working environment. Audit Appointments has developed a program to deal with this challenge. We distinguish by combining 20 years of financial leadership experience with 20 years of international recruitment experience. Our on site, face to face interviews prevents you from disappointing hires and gives you save access to one of the world’s largest markets for qualified auditors.